Affiliate Imperial Casino - Partnership Program

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Referback Casino Partnership For Webmasters

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Promote Imperial Casino or Start Your Very Own Casino customized with the name of your choice absolutely FREE and Receive 15% to 50% of the Profit Every Week!

Whether you are a large organization or a homepage, becoming an Internet casino owner or promoting Imperial Casino is a perfect opportunity to derive steady income from your Web presence.
Welcome to the internationally recognized business opportunity. Internet casino gaming is a multi-billion dollar business and you can start profiting from it today at NO COST and with NO RISK.

This opportunity is brought to you by Imperial Casino, a member of the largest global Internet casino franchise. We operate this complicated business so you can concentrate exclusively on marketing and receive a check every week.

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  1. Start your own Internet casino fully customized with the name of your choice. Become an Internet casino owner in minutes absolutely FREE, build your own business and your own brand.
  2. Place banner(s), link(s), or casino downloads on your Web site(s).
  3. Using an e-mail lists of customers who have agreed to receive promotional e-mails.
  4. Distribution of Imperial Casino software on CD-ROMs.

Once you register you will be given detailed instructions on how to promote Imperial Casino or operate your own customized casino so that every player joining due to your promotion is forever considered "your player" by the state-of-the-art 100% reliable tracking system. Every single Monday, payment in the amount of 15% to 50% of all your players' combined losses is rushed to you worldwide. If your players collectively win, of course you do not owe anything. Once your balance becomes positive again, a check for 15% to 50% is rushed to you by first class mail anywhere in the world.

This program is MORE LUCRATIVE than any per sign-up, per-click, or per-impression deal on the Web. Your player base will be growing and many players will become loyal and permanent. As a result, payments will keep coming to you for years to come! Imperial Casino is the most advanced and multi-lingual Internet casino loved by players the world over.

Affiliate Imperial Casino - Partnership Program